IoT is a Marathon – Not a Sprint!

December 22, 2021

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Lao-Tzu

We know you’re not reading this blog post for Taoist philosophy, so let’s talk about the IoT Journey.

What does this ancient quote have to do with IoT?

The IoT Journey is very clearly divided into steps. And, while taking the first step launches you onto the IoT Cyber-highway, it isn’t a straight sprint from point A to B in 10.5 seconds. You must be in it for the thousand-mile journey because it’s an A-to-Z marathon… and it isn’t for the faint of heart!

Before we go into the steps of the IoT Journey, it helps if you have a basic understanding of what IoT is. Rather than explain it in this post, we have a short video (5 minutes) for you to watch!

First, let’s look at a sobering statistic: 75% of IoT projects fail. OUCH! 


The overwhelming answer is the lack of in-house expertise to bring the product or service to market. 

Well, here’s the good news! This is what SpinDance does! Every day, all day! 

We help bring your IoT products to life! We’ll make IoT simple for you by doing the heavy lifting, so your IoT Journey doesn’t end before it begins! 


The IoT Journey is divided into 4 Steps or Stages. Each Stage has unique opportunities, challenges, and approaches to solutions for moving to the next stage. 4 stages of the IoT JourneyBut, even though your IoT goal needs to be clearly defined, the path to get there is not arrow straight. Think of it more like a winding country road with a few hills and turns. You still get to the destination but… it’s a scenic route.

Let’s Explore the Stages!

Stage 1: Disconnected 

The IoT Journey Disconnected StageIn this initial stage, you or your company is becoming aware of how IoT can help solve a business problem you or your customers have. As yet, there is no clear idea of what or how to make it a reality, but you know there is something you can do… something you NEED to do. But how do you go about it? Where do you begin?

This is where SpinDance shines! We assess and measure where you are. We get to know you and learn about your company, your team, and what product or service you want to bring to life. After we have a clear picture of where you are, we then identify strategies and create a clear roadmap to get you to the goal. We’ll educate your team through various workshops to ensure you have the expertise needed for the journey.

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Stage 2: Connecting

The IoT Journey Connecting StageAt this stage, you know what you want to do, you know what your goals are, but everything is still an idea, and no product has been produced. This is an exciting, creative, and important stage that can’t be hurried through or skipped if you want a great outcome. But your product is still very conceptual and right now, it’s costing money – not making money! This can be extremely stressful for everyone because it’s crucial to get this stage right!

Here is where SpinDance helps you navigate the pitfalls of getting your IoT structures right! We help build a strong IoT foundation by developing a system design that will carry your product from birth through the end of its life cycle. We’ll show you how it will work, how much it will cost, and how you can manage it. 

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Stage 3: Connected

The IoT Journey Connected StageCongratulations! Your product or service is finalizing, and launch is either imminent or has already happened. At this stage, all your efforts and plans are turning into realities. 

This is where you begin to enjoy the fruits of your labor from Stage 2. The IoT world has been introduced to your product, knows what it can do, and is realizing the benefit of your unique idea and application.

SpinDance’s team is working tirelessly with you in this stage to bring demos online early for beta testing. Our goal is always to integrate early so we receive preliminary feedback to prevent issues before they even happen! We tweak and test everything, so your product launch and performance are smooth, secure, and maintainable.

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Stage 4: Accelerating

IoT Journey Stage 4 AcceleratingYour product is out there and making an impact. At this point, you are in the post-launch support phase. But you aren’t going to rest on your success! You’ve only dipped your toe into the IoT stream! While you continue to upgrade and support one product, you might be considering product 2.o or additional IoT products you want to create. 

Our team of Architects, Software Developers, and Engineers, walk with you through all the stages but, we don’t leave you here! We provide a product roadmap to keep your team focused, motivated, and energized well into the future. 

Our support team also continuously maintains and provides updates to your software, so your products work flawlessly with new and constantly evolving technologies.  

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You’ve Only Just Begun….

So, even though your product has successfully launched into the IoT world, your IoT Journey of a thousand miles has only just begun. The sprinters are long gone and only the true marathoners remain.

As you can see, creating innovative IoT products and business solutions is a recurring cycle of expressed needs, ideas, solutions, and maintenance. When you took that first step on your IoT Journey, a whole universe of possibilities opened, and you won’t ever look back. 

But not to worry… SpinDance is an IoT marathoner, not a sprinter. We’re here to innovate, create, and partner with you every step of the way!

Contact us today and let’s take that first step together!