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Full-stack IoT solutions that minimize the risk — and maximize the reward.

At SpinDance, we’re trusted leaders in tech looking to simplify the complex and connect the physical to the invisible. Every day, we partner with many kinds of organizations to build and manage the software that powers today’s smart devices.

Our services guide you to discover a value-driven IoT project that aligns with your company’s vision and goals. And our end-to-end approach and tech stack help you develop a state-of-the-art IoT solution, one that offers data-driven innovation at its finest.

Where to Start


Every IoT journey requires unique strategies and insights. From IoT Training for your product team to keeping your code patched and compatible, we're there for it all. Our services identify what you need to jumpstart your product and place it on the market—quickly and efficiently.

IoT Training

Bring everyone up to speed on the internet of things. With our business and technical training, your team will learn the basics of IoT and feel equipped to make sound IoT decisions—right from the start.

IoT Consulting

Building brilliant IoT products requires the right advice. We offer four types of consulting services, ranging from software assessments to IoT business strategy, all to guide you toward IoT development.

Reviews & Assessments

Enhance your existing IoT product with our expertise. We'll review your current code, evaluate if it's architecturally sound, then recommend how to realign it with your present strategy.

Software Architecture & Design

Design end-to-end architectures that span the entire product. From the device to the cloud, digital interfaces to analytics, we'll create a robust IoT system your customers are sure to love.

Software Development

Develop an IoT application that tackles the problems of today and tomorrow. Using a full-stack approach, we create software that's needed for all embedded, cloud and digital interfaces.

IoT Maintenance

Keep your code in check. Our IoT maintenance service ensures your physical devices are always compatible with today's current operating systems.

Software that Speaks

Tech Stacks.

SpinDance embraces a number of technology stacks. We focus on architecting well-designed software that can speak to and support your IoT application, even decades down the road.


Embedded systems (C and C++) are our forte. We're experts at leveraging modern IoT chipsets from Espressif, ST, Nordic and Microchip. Plus, we're masters at embedded Linux and deploying machine learning models at the edge.


Whether it's virtual machines, containers or serverless, SpinDance gets you connected. We leverage AWS, Azure and GCP cloud platforms. And our go-to technologies include Java, Kotlin, Spring Boot, Python, and Node.js frameworks.

User Interface

The digital interface is critical to successful IoT adoption. That's why we employ user interface best practices and develop native apps with Swift, Java, or hybrid apps using React Native and Xamarin.

End-to-end Process


We believe our consistent approach is key to moving a project from start to finish. It's what drives better, more powerful results—and it comes after years of delivering on expectations for many unique projects.

Contact us to set up your assessment.


Measure where you are.

We always start by getting to know you. Knowing your team, your organization, and where you stand in any IoT business or product strategies is of utmost importance. We learn the strengths and weaknesses you bring, along with the state of any embedded systems development and support structures. From here, we determine your goals then recommend a fool-proof comprehensive plan.


Discover what you want to do.

For us, it's essential to have a clear plan in place. It guarantees everyone is on board with cost, timelines, and dependencies. We use workshops, collaborative methods, roadmaps and strategies to create action plans. And if needed, we leverage our partner's expertise to visualize user interfaces or conduct human-centered design. The result? An understanding of what you're building, when you're building it, and exactly how much it will cost.


Decide how you get there.

We get it: IoT structures are hard to get right. But this is one of the things that sets SpinDance apart. We're committed to understanding every aspect of your project and its use cases. By doing so, we develop an end-to-end system design that captures all the details of a product lifecycle, from manufacturing to decommissioning. Then, we share how that data flows through the entire system and begin building the appropriate software architectures.


Make your plan a reality.

This is the part we love, where the craft comes together, and where we turn strategies and architectures into working software systems. Using agile principles, we build small, demo-able parts and give stakeholders a chance to weigh in throughout the project. Our goal is to integrate early, so we can prevent IoT problems before they even appear. Following these peer reviews, automated software testing, and DevOps, we present a product that's correct, secure, ever resilient and always maintainable.


Manage the lifecycle.

We know developing software is just the beginning. That's why we journey alongside you, helping you maintain your software years after launching a product. Our team delivers ongoing software updates to ensure your code works with the newest mobile operating systems and cloud developments, then manages your fleet and pushes software to devices via Over-the-Air (OTA) updates.

Our Primary

Project Types.

We believe IoT development is a sprint, not a marathon. So for us at SpinDance, this means learning your project type and leading you to know what works, what doesn't, and how to de-risk your choices in today's technology.

There’s always an aspect of a product that needs validating. Our job is to prove or disprove a concept, so you can focus on your ultimate goal: developing software that answers questions and creates clarity for all stakeholders.

A solid prototype brings everything to life. It's a simulation of the full product system, which helps locate any gaps in strategies. As experts in rapid prototyping, we give you just enough software to place in front of users and receive feedback for product improvement.

With production-grade systems, it's all about the details. We're bringing your project face-to-face with customers, which means we care more about security, scalability, reliability, and safety. So any DevOps are necessary to ensure proper development and working code.

The SpinDance Engineering team has a great knowledge base – with a terrific ability to provide solutions for complex issues. If there were tough decisions to be made there was a strong partnership to discussing the pros and cons and moving forward.

Ben Falvo

Chief Technology Officer