SpinDance is happy to announce CallBox 1.2!

June 24, 2024

CallBox SpinDance’s in-house framework for production-grade IoT products. CallBox streamlines the development of consumer and commercial connected products. Check out our landing page to learn more about the framework’s many benefits. 

Our team has been working hard to distill  a decade of experience in IoT to create the core features that every IoT product needs.  The 1.2 release is a major milestone in our goal to offer a comprehensive, customizable IoT framework that facilitates rapid development and deployment of a custom IoT platform.  Major features in the 1.2 release include:

  1. Time Series Readings – CallBox now fully supports flexible time series data.  CallBox will ship with an end-to-end demonstration that shows temperature and humidity sensors reporting to the cloud. Our demo app can display the latest readings as well as historical charts.  We’ve carefully architected this feature from the ground up to support easily adding additional sensors & readings, customizable reporting rates, cost effective data usage, and sub second latency.
  2. Notifications – CallBox now has infrastructure to support push notifications based on events from the device and external sources.  Our demo app provides an example that sends users a notification when a device goes offline.  Individual users within a household that has permission to view a device can customize their notification preferences.  
  3. Admin Dashboard – The web based  admin portal shows an overview of all devices in your fleet and is fully customizable and extendable. CallBox 1.1 demonstrated utilizing AWS FleetHub to view deployed devices and perform OTA updates at scale.  We’ve now released a fully web based administration portal for fleet management.    Our current user interface is easy to expand but backed by a full web application stack and  robust APIs that allow it to be quickly configured depending on the specific requirements of the product or user persona. We’re excited to continue adding more out-of-the-box admin features in the next release. 

Some more technical but important updates include:

  1. Time Zone Support –  CallBox 1.2 supports UTC time zones that are automatically derived via the user’s locale when provisioning the device.
  2. Synchronized Semantic Versioning –  We developed a simple but consistent versioning protocol that acts as the source of truth firmware version, product id and model #.  This ensures that OTA updates are always targeting the correct hardware and custom rules for firmware updates can be enforced across all domains.We’ve got some exciting new features in the works for the next CallBox release.

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