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The Internet of Things is full of potential. But it’s not easy knowing where to start, or how to get from point A to point B. SpinDance’s array of solutions are designed to bring your entire team on board, then deftly apply connected strategies to solve the most complex business problems.

Begin with Training solutions to jumpstart your team’s IoT IQ. Then, leverage our Consulting & Strategy solutions to design a coherent business and technical roadmap. Our IoT Development solutions launch your internal IoT initiatives or customer-facing IoT products. And if you’re looking for a more competitive edge in today’s market, we’ll keep you on top with our IoT Innovation solutions.

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    Perhaps you have a product idea. But, how do you move forward and ensure it's worth the time and money? SpinDance has you covered. Our IoT training courses demystify the technical geek-speak—and cut through the business lingo. We'll get your entire organization on the same page with our IoT Foundations class, then dive deeper into business and technical topics to establish complete understanding.

    Foundations of IoT
    IoT Business & Product Strategy
    User Experience Design for IoT
    IoT System Architecture
    IoT Patterns: Edge, Cloud and Digital Interfaces

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    Consulting & Strategy

    Many large companies are engaged in business transformation. But we're the consultant that's ready to help small companies determine what they can do, form a holistic IoT strategy, and foresee how their business can change for the better. From software and architecture assessments to business strategy support, we're here for it all. Trust that no matter your budget, we'll work to outline the right roadmap and deliver the right insights—all to achieve the right results.

    IoT Business Strategy Development
    Software Development Coaching - IoT System Design
    Product Roadmapping
    Software Assessment

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    IoT Development

    Now that you have the product, it’s time to put in play. Our IoT development process covers the IoT architecture and design, IoT software engineering, and operational support needed to pull it all together. We also offer continuous support to solve or manage software issues, whether it’s analytics and monitoring or Over the Air updates.

    Embedded Software
    Cloud Software
    Mobile, Web and Voice for IoT
    IoT Analytics

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    IoT Innovation

    So you have a product. But, you're watching competitors finish ahead in the race of innovation—and you're left wondering how to keep up. Leave it to us. We'll collaborate and find fresh ways to enhance your existing device. By using deeper, predictive analytics, our team of IoT experts and advanced technology, we'll put you on the fast track toward a next-level solution.

    Sensor Fusion
    Machine Learning
    Predictive Analytics
    On-device Voice Interfaces
    Computer Vision and Radar

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