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Should You Work Here?

Do you enjoy building things? Do you like learning new technologies and techniques? Are you motivated to improve yourself? Do you like to be challenged? Can you bend a spoon with your mind? If you answered YES! to at least four of those questions, SpinDance might be a good place for you to work.

Flexible Efficiency. Technical Competency.

We expect our engineers to be generalists, so we can remain flexible. We also try to find ways for everyone to do what they love, so we can also be efficient. By allowing our team members to build and refine skills – to specialize – in their areas of interest, we create higher quality solutions, in less time, with greater impact.

David Rodriguez

We have such great people here. We’re all easy to get along with, we all work together well, and everyone cares about making everyone else successful.”



We are dedicated to finding and retaining talented, passionate people.

Peruse our generic list of benefits below, and then shoot us a quick email if you’re interested!

  • Competitive salary.
  • Dental insurance.
  • Paid vacations and holidays.
  • Long-term disability and AD&D insurance.
  • Your choice of equipment.
  • Awesome health insurance.
  • 401(k) 4% Matching.
  • Paid sick and personal business time.
  • Training, books, and conferences.
  • Flexibility.

I enjoy working at SpinDance. It’s refreshing to come into work each day, where everyone is friendly, laid back, and competent at what they do.”


Our Culture

Cultural fit is just as important as technical competency. Our team may be highly skilled, but they also enjoy working with one-another. We have a quality-driven culture with values that emphasize flexibility, teamwork, and trust. Do you strive to do the right thing? Do you enjoy working with others?

Comfortable Workplace.

Our downtown Holland office is within walking distance of many great restaurants and parks – close enough even for the most walking-averse among us.

Download our free guide:
Designing, Building, Launching and Supporting Great IoT.

If you’re involved with bringing a connected smart device to market, this 12-page guide will give you real-world advice on how to launch a successful product. It includes 26 common questions we think every product owner should ask. Topics include:

  • 1Designing the entire lifecycle of your product, from installation to decommissioning.
  • 2Integrating with other products and services.
  • 3Building resiliency into your system to overcome outages and faulty updates.
  • 4Building a robust process for testing your IoT product.
  • 5Much more.

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