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IoT System Design

What if your smart products and respective architecture were able to grow with the company? Could you see the benefit of a system that captures and provides secure, easy access to data that will fuel business plans and company growth into the future? 

75% of IoT Projects Fail.  Why?

Let’s face it; software development is no small investment.  Developing systems that can quickly scale with your business while continuously meeting end-users expectations starts with solid system design and architecture. At SpinDance, our IoT expertise is based on a holistic approach. Our goal is to set your company up for system longevity that gets the most out of your investments. 

IoT is a Journey and each stage can present an equal opportunity for success and failure. Defining the target audience, system design goals, and objectives, and the domain-specific architecture(s) such as embedded, cloud, and mobile in advance of the development will accelerate time-to-market and set your company up for success in the next stage, and preserve precious resources.

When you partner with SpinDance to design and develop an IoT infrastructure, you’ll benefit from a product design and roadmap that will chart your long-term vision and establish your product development path for years to come.


What We Do

We will conduct a series of workshop-style meetings with your Business & Engineering Stakeholders. These interactive meetings will discuss, develop, and document the product vision and infrastructure needed to meet your product or service’s business requirements.

What You Gain

  • A detailed briefing of items captured in the workshop meetings
  • A documented plan for system design and the architectural infrastructure needed to meet your product or service’s business requirements. Areas to be included in the written plan are:
    – Product Plan (Vision, personas, user journey map)
    – Product Roadmap & MVP Development Path
    – Recommendations for System Design
    – System Block Diagram
    – Component Catalog
    – Application Programming Interfaces
    – Data Types
    – System Architecture
    – Development Approach – Description
    – A recommended system design approach that will help guide the next steps.

This System Design and Architecture package presents a detailed yet consumable framework of the various components that will make up a holistic system.

Once the design phase is complete, we can move into development with a collaborative approach to executing the design plan. Check out this article for more on our approach to agile software development.

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