The concept of IoT is new to many organizations, so it often sounds daunting or too technical. But, we’re here to prove otherwise. SpinDance makes it easy to grasp the foundations of IoT, providing practical tools to deploy a plan that delivers tangible ROI. We’ll work hard to get your entire company on the same page, sooner rather than later, so you’re able to move faster than your competitor.

Having this basic training reduces the number of unknowns and stressful moments in IoT development, which leads to fewer costly errors and less rework. More importantly, these critical sessions identify areas for additional training in specific business units, whether it’s business, marketing, or product development.

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SpinDance helped with our software and redevelopment launch. What started as a project-based partnership has now turned into a longer program that’s helped us understand where we need to go with IoT.

Jim Pytlik

Director Clinical Business Intelligence Solutions
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We offer an IoT Foundations class, along with more advanced classes. Our team has spent two years perfecting this training and running dozens of sessions, so we can deliver a basic understanding quickly and efficiently.

The Foundations class is a 4-hour class designed for all roles in an organization: business, engineering, operations, marketing, and more. It's designed to get everyone up to speed on IoT.

These seminars are geared toward software groups in an organization and dive deeper into IoT protocols, architecture, security, and operations. Classes are designed to help non-IoT engineers and developers fill gaps in their knowledge.

We offer a quarterly IoT Foundations class at SpinDance. This training is extremely economical and especially great for one to three people. For groups of 10 or more, we recommend bringing us onsite.

Our VP of Engineering and Solution Architects conduct our training sessions.