The Software Framework For IoT Products

Build production-grade connected products in record time, without getting locked into expensive and limited 3rd-party platforms.

What is CallBox?

Callbox is SpinDance’s in-house software framework for building IoT products. Based on our years of experience building connected products for some of the worlds best-loved brands, CallBox unifies firmware, cloud, web and mobile.


The result? You get a solid yet flexible foundation for your product, without long-term vendor lock-in. Focus more on features, and less on infrastructure.

Let Your Product Take Center Stage.

High Quality
Less Risk

Production-grade IoT systems are extremely complex. CallBox gives you a high quality foundation to build your product. Reduce your risk and get to market faster.

Own Your Data,
Own Your Future

Third-party IoT platforms take away your control over costs, over data ownership, and your customer relationships. CallBox cuts the middle man, giving you full control over your products, and ultimately your future.

Invest In Features
Not Infrastructure

Over-the-air updates. Secure Firmware. Fleet Management. These are just a few of the features every IoT device needs, but provides no differentiation. By using CallBox, you’ll spend less on these things, and more on the features that set you apart.

What Can You Build With Callbox?

Consumer Devices

  • Appliances
  • Door Locks
  • Garage Doors
  • Windows & Cameras
  • More…

Commercial Devices

  • HVAC Equipment
  • Medical Devices
  • Retail Solutions
  • Smart Agricultural
  • More…

Industrial Devices

  • Smart Energy
  • Connected Factory 
  • Transportation
  • Asset Tracking
  • More…

Your Product

What will you build?

CallBox vs. The Alternatives

As a framework, CallBox is the perfect blend of functionality and flexibility. It provides a great alternative to expensive and potentially risky build-from-scratch projects. And it reduces vendor lock-in and limitations of IoT platforms.

Build from Scratch

With CallBox

3rd-Party Platform

Timeline 9+ Months 3-6 Months 3-6 Months
Customizability High High Low
Upfront Costs $$$$ $$$ $$
Recurring Fees None None Substantial
Lock-in None None Yes
Production-Ready Maybe Yes Maybe

1 "Upfront Costs" assume the price includes firmware, cloud and mobile software.

The Best Foundation For Your Connected Product.

Tools Included

CallBox comes with development and manufacturing tools. Use the device simulator to pressure test your cloud and mobile apps. Our manufacturing tool enables secure flashing and end-of-line testing.

Built with the best IoT open source

CallBox doesn’t reinvent the wheel. It builds upon, and unifies, trusted open source libraries like RTOS, Yocto and Flutter. The result? You get the best of both worlds: rock solid, well supported tools, without the headache of making them all work together.

Battle Tested

CallBox is used in hundreds of thousands of production devices, across a wide variety of industries. Manufacturing support? Check. Security? Check. Scalability? Check. Callbox has you covered.

Existing or New Device? No Problem

CallBox is great for both brand new device designs, and retrofitting existing devices with IoT features. CallBox helps you get to market sooner, regardless of your business goals.

100% Customizable, 100% yours

You can customize any part of CallBox, adding or removing features that don’t apply to your use cases. Do you have a special need for over-the-air updates or provisioning? No problem, you can modify anything and everything in CallBox.

Crafted by experienced IoT engineers

SpinDance has been building IoT systems for a decade. We’ve been there, and done that. We took all that hard fought experience and baked it into CallBox. The framework provides proven patterns, and is built with best practices.


Is CallBox Open Source? No, not at this time. We might open source parts of it down the road, but we do not have any plans to do so at this time. That said, CallBox is very manufacturer friendly.

Is CallBox a turn-key product? No, CallBox is a framework. Like all software frameworks, it is a starting point, not a turnkey solution.

Can we integrate CallBox with other systems? Yes! Because it’s a framework, you can integrate it easily with other firmware and cloud systems.

How is CallBox Priced? We include it as part of our software development engagements. Contact us for more information.

How old is CallBox? We’ve been working on CallBox since 2020, and have over 5,000 engineering hours into the framework.

Why is it called CallBox? The name is a throwback to old school, direct line telephone systems. We’re also big Doctor Who fans, and CallBox is a nod to the Tardis.

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