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Assess Your Company’s Readiness for IoT

IoT is a journey. Building long term value with IoT has some key components. Gaining clarity to these components and understanding your current stage in the journey can have a drastic impact on business plans, the development of realistic goals, and ultimately accelerating results. This abbreviated assessment will identify where you are in the journey and deliver some guidance on practical next steps. A more comprehensive evaluation could be required and will generate an all-inclusive IoT plan.

  • Company Information

  • IoT Value Proposition

    The value proposition is the intended outcome that will make the IoT product attractive to your customers.
  • IoT Business Model

    A business model describes the rationale of how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value.
  • User Experience and System Design

    A System Design defines the architecture, modules, interfaces and data to satisfy requirements. This helps to create a unified visual and interaction model across devices and user interfaces.
  • IoT Device Assessment

    IoT devices are smart devices that have internet connectivity and are able to interact with other devices over the internet.
  • IoT Digital Service

    Digital service is how a device securely connects to the internet via the cloud and how data flows from and to IoT devices.
  • IoT Connectivity

    There are an overwhelming number of options for connecting a device to the internet - Cellular, satellite, WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID, NFC, LPWAN, are just a few.
  • People

    IoT not only changes the product, it changes the business and the people needed to support the product and the business.
  • Processes

    IoT not only changes the product, it changes the processes. It requires changing up how things are done in the business
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