Consulting & Strategy

Crafting a comprehensive IoT strategy is challenging. You may not have the right in-house experts to lead the process. Or, you’re unsure what vendors to trust with specific product offerings. So that’s where we come in. At SpinDance, our technology-agnostic approach and vast experience make us your ideal partner to form an all-encompassing IoT strategy. We take time to coordinate expectations, understand your unique vision, and answer any technical questions. Because we know this facilitates true business transformation. Whether you’re in the industrial or medical sphere, we can help your business today.

IoT System Design

Developing systems that can quickly scale with your business while continuously meeting end-users expectations starts with solid system design and architecture. At SpinDance, our IoT expertise is based on a holistic approach. Our goal is to set your company up for system longevity that gets the most out of your investments.

Individually, SpinDance and Disher are strong companies. But by partnering together, there’s a greater balance and we’re able to leverage the strengths we both possess. Our partnership means we can provide a full system solution to our customer base.

Tod Grams

Team Lead, Electronics
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We offer four types of consulting:

  1. Software and Architecture Assessments
  2. IoT Technical Strategy Support
  3. IoT Business Strategy Support
  4. Software Coaching

We offer a number of engagements for budgets big and small. This ranges from one-day onsite workshops to multi-month engagements with stakeholders who are both inside and outside of an organization.

Specific topics include product development; device software and hardware architecture; cloud architecture; security; lifecycle management (over-the-air updates); analytics design; IoT operations; and more.

Our VP of Engineering likes to say, "As IoT changes the product, it changes the business." You can either proactively manage that change strategically—or let it run you over. We see our work as a subset of the larger Digital Transformation efforts an organization may undertake, specifically focused on IoT.

We develop strategies around four areas:

  1. IoT Business Models
  2. IoT Talent Planning
  3. IoT Product Roadmapping
  4. IoT Technology Roadmapping