IoT Innovation

We know what you’re thinking. Isn’t all IoT innovative? Well, not exactly. The foundational elements of IoT are quickly becoming table stakes. Now, it’s about leveraging connected devices in new ways, introducing fresh methods of measuring, and analyzing the world around us. If you’re ready to gain more insight and a valuable cross-industry, cross-company perspective, turn to us. We’ll navigate the right technology and guide you to develop a product that’s more advanced — and raises the bar for your leading competitor.

SpinDance has collaborated with us, jointly designing and developing our IoT platform since 2013. They bring a sense of speed and urgency to every project, and are continually focused on delivering quality software. From embedded systems through cloud, they are very knowledgeable in every aspect of IoT and skilled in every facet of software engineering, from R&D to architecture design, through developing, testing and hosting.

Major Appliance Manufacturer

Global Information Systems Director - IoT
Major Appliance Manufacturer


IoT innovation is about leveraging connected devices in new ways and introducing new methods of measuring and controlling the world around us. For example, IoT provides the opportunity to measure in real-time activities that were previously unmeasurable. Beyond that, IoT enables us to use new forms of sensors, actuators, and algorithms for solving critical business problems.

Computer vision, radar and sensor fusion systems are examples of more innovative IoT sensing approaches.

Robots are a great example of IoT actuator. They offer another way to get more work done, more quickly.