IoT Super Powers: System Design

March 30, 2021

There are no silver bullets when you’re developing Internet of Things solutions. But a solid System Design comes close. In this webinar, find out what System Designs are, why they’re so valuable, and how to bring them into your organization. Along the way, we’ll cover the following topics:

1. Getting your entire organization, and partner network, to understand what you’re building.
2. How to save weeks and even months during the integration phase of a project, often known as the Black Hole of IoT.
3. How to build security from the very beginning.
4. How to architect for your future without breaking the bank for today.



Brian TolBrian Tol is currently the Vice President of Engineering at SpinDance. He is a full-stack IoT architect with 20 years of experience solving complex business and technology problems. Broad business and nonprofit background including software architecture, business strategy, business development, and user experience design.  In his roles, he has been instrumental in helping professionals at all levels of a company understand what IoT means to their business, why these projects are complex, and how to overcome common pitfalls.



Learn from Tim Kearns, CIO from GLOS, about how successful IoT system design by SpinDance set their platform up for the future.