Tulips were in full color all around the downtown area in Holland, MI this spring when 100,000 visitors converged on the Great Lakes coastal community to allow Tulip Time, a spring festival in Michigan, to renew and inspire with a fresh outlook. SpinDance, our Holland-based IoT design, development and support company, followed the lead of this annual tradition by hosting Technology & Tulips: Blooming Strategies for IoT, an event on the top floor of the beautiful City View hotel

Companies large and small, new and established, face big questions about IoT’s role and strategic contribution. What is IoT? How does it impact my industry and company?  What should I do? IoT is technically challenging and is a significant shift from traditional product development.  So what did a day of IoT & tulips yield you ask?

Stages of IoT  
Companies are all on an IoT journey either through their product or process, or with the engagement of the customers, suppliers, and partners they rely on in their business. Each company is in one of several stages: awareness, exploration, adoption, or strategy.  Regardless of stage, most are feeling anxious about the step they are in wondering how the next step impacts their industry and company.  The IoT Symposium allowed attendees in all stages to share and listen to stories of both challenge and success.

100-year-old Manufacturers & IoT  
Michigan has long been a manufacturing-focused state and will continue to be a manufacturing state.  Manufacturers surpassing the century mark are widely present from coast-to-coast. Developing a digital strategy in such historied cultures can be difficult.  These well-established manufacturers shared their journey in IoT at the symposium.

Whirlpool Corporation, a leader in the home appliance space, has more than landed on an IoT strategy, they are innovating products and services aligned to a larger digital user experience along with the most successful brand in the appliance industry.  Hot and cold boxes are still present but are only a means to create a very personal user experience. The physical things (sheet metal boxes) have become accessories to the IoT ecosystem.  Touchscreen, remote connectivity and voice control provide better care and value to the end customer. For more about Whirlpool’s many award-winning connected innovations visit their website.

Bissell Corporation has identified a value proposition for connected home and commercial IoT products.  Creating the level of technology and process from the lessons industry has afforded and created a high level of investment and a sense of urgency that is leading to impressive results and great innovations including the SmartClean Multi-Surface Robotic Vacuum.  Bissell continues to leverage IoT to extract vital learnings from human emotional engagement to build valuable, time-saving products using the mantra “it’s better to do it right than to do it fast.”

Get Connected
IoT is broad, vast, gigantic and difficult to manage, however, it’s compelling, and like many industrial transformations, it possesses an opportunity to either succeed or fail.

This first annual IoT Symposium offered many organizations an opportunity to engage with others in various stages of the journey to, share and learn from each other’s failures and successes, build relationships, and begin to shape the frontier ahead.

Check out a highlight video from one of the sessions at the symposium, What is IoT led by our mastermind computer scientist, Brian Tol.

SpinDance is about getting you connected, fostering a healthy IoT strategy and helping you achieve business goals. There are lots of ways to join the conversation and shape what’s next.  Contact us to get started.  Putting IoT into production is how we spin.

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