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IoT Product Roadmap

Is an IoT Product Roadmap Right for Your Company?

It’s not easy to get started on your IoT Journey! As experts in IoT Integration with our proven approach, SpinDance will guide you, your team, and your product to a smooth and successful launch.



Set Your Compass

Every Journey Needs a Map

To reach any destination you need to know the road to get there! An IoT Roadmap will help your team develop a clear and concise vision of what you want to build and how you are going to build it! You'll know what steps to take, a timeline of when to take them, and how much it will cost. Don't wander in the dark! Let SpinDance help you set your compass to a strong and successful IoT product launch!


An IoT Product Roadmap is for all organizations wanting a clear and sustainable product plan that includes timing and costs. No matter what stage of the IoT Journey your organization is in, an IoT Roadmap is an invaluable tool to identify, clarify, and illuminate the path to a successful IoT Product launch.


An IoT Product Roadmap allows stakeholders and contributors to align expectations and provide a solid understanding of the product development process. Our carefully crafted product roadmap will facilitate these expectations and better communicate timing, budget, and resourcing across the organization. This gets everyone on the same page and helps accelerate the timeline.


SpinDance conducts a series of interactive workshop meetings with Business & Engineering to discuss, develop, and document the feasibility of : System inputs and APIs, High-level data design & storage, End-user workflows, User experience needs, Security requirements, Backup and redundancy requirements, and Mobile, Desktop, & Tablet Apps 


Your team will have a clear plan of what you are building, when, and the cost. It will include: A prioritized and sortable feature list from the workshops, a 24-month development roadmap with feasibility analysis, Recommended software dev approach to help prepare internally for the build-out, Estimates of requested Roadmap items