Creating Customer Convenience with Voice-Activated Commands in Gordon Now

Gordon Food Services is one of the largest family-operated broad line food distribution companies in North America. Delivering excellence, expertise, and quality products customers in restaurants, schools, and healthcare facilities need for their food, beverage, and operational needs. Every product, every order, and every decision the company makes is inspired by the people on the other side of the plate.

The Issue(s)


Customers needed an easy system to add frequently ordered and new items to an existing product order in the company e-commerce platform, while away from their desktop computer.

The Solve


The SpinDance and Gordon Food Service development teams worked jointly to develop and enhance the functionality of Gordon Now™ a digital assistant built on Google Home and the Google Assistant, that works via simple voice-and text-activated commands.

SpinDance’s project leadership capabilities and technical expertise in embedded, voice, cloud architecture and backlogging complimented the skillsets of the Gordon Food Service team.

Customers activate Gordon Now™ and connect to GFS account. They give voice commands to add to an existing order, find out the location of delivery truck and time of arrival as well as contact their assigned sales rep.

A chat feature added to the Gordon Food Service website provides instant feedback to communication.

The Success


  • Increased convenience. Time is money - saving time, saves money.
  • An easy system available 24-hours a day that streamlines customers to-do lists and saves customers time.
  • A self-service model for information. Reduction of calls to the sales representative with frequently asked questions about deliveries etc.
  • Items added to the chain of operation more efficiently.