UV Angel Clean Air™

The UV Angel team has one primary focus: make the world a cleaner and safer place for everybody. The company uses advanced research and development in ultraviolet light to reduce harmful pathogens in the air and on surfaces. Their patented and safe technologies disinfect harmful viruses, bacteria, and fungus with no harmful chemicals or human interaction. Originally developed for hospitals, this leading technology is now used across the world in healthcare, restaurants, education, athletics, government, and more. UV Angel helps make the environments in which we live, shop, eat, and work measurably safer and cleaner.

The Issue(s)


UV Angel was ready for the next generation of its Clean Air™ Series product. This modern ceiling-mounted product combines standard in-ceiling lighting with a proprietary UV-C air treatment system. Air is pulled into a sealed UV-C chamber where germs are killed with up to 99.99% effectiveness. The disinfected air is then returned to the room The company needed to give its customers visibility to real-time statistics, usage, performance, and preventative maintenance metrics on fleets of installed devices. They also wanted to build an infrastructure that would accommodate future use cases. They realized the need for a secure and authenticated Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) interface and an over-the-air solution for firmware updates.

The Solve


UV Angel selected SpinDance, a recognized leader in software consultancy and development, to collaborate with them to provide consulting and technology teams to advance the product and the infrastructure. Embedded firmware was developed to safely run and monitor all of the Clean Air™ components, including configuration & calibration.


The Success


SpinDance software engineers created seamless cloud connectivity to the device shadow and telemetry MQTT topics to enable remote configuration/monitoring and fault detection. An existing iOS WiFi provisioning mobile app was updated to support the product and offline calibration. A secure boot feature was implemented to ensure that the firmware was secure and authentic before booting and executing code.

A device command and control feature over the BLE interface was developed so that a user could interact with the panel to determine the maintenance needs of the UV bulb and filter as well as understand and control the current state of the system.

SpinDance collaborated with the mobile and cloud development teams to integrate embedded software with the overall system.