Two Teams Common Goals - Staff Augmentation

Gentex is a global, high technology electronics company that is vertically integrated in highly automated electronics, CMOS camera development and manufacturing, vacuum coatings, and glass bending and fabrication. Gentex specializes in a broad spectrum of technologies and processes to deliver high quality products to the automotive, aerospace and fire protection industries.

Among many other products, the company developed a system for automobiles called HomeLink®, a vehicle-based wireless control system that allowing consumers to conveniently and safely open and close garage doors and front gates, activate and deactivate home security systems, and turn on or off interior and exterior lighting, appliances and electronics. All from three buttons, smartly integrated into an automobile’s interior.

The Issue(s)


Gentex wanted an Android and IOS mobile application to accompany the HomeLink® system however didn’t have an Android mobile development expert on their team to assist with this project.

The company also needed to keep the User manuals for HomeLink® up-to-date with system upgrades and new app features and didn’t have someone on staff with the time for this work.

The Solve


A SpinDance Android developer worked onsite with the Gentex development team to translate the system features into an Android Application providing the augmented support needed for the project.

Additionally, a SpinDance resource is provided to update and polish up the Home Link user guides as needed.


The Success


Gentex is working with car manufactures to put the system into vehicles like Land Rover and others.