Next Generation of Cloud Management

Bluescape is an innovative software collaboration tool that enables teams in multiple locales to seamlessly work together in real time. The cloud-powered system scales from handheld devices and desktops, all the way up to entire touch-screen walls. The latter is truly impressive, enabling teams to collaborate through immersive digital experiences. Useful in both industry and academic, Bluescape has installations all around the world.

The Issue(s)


The heart of the Bluescape product is its cloud backbone. This software enables real-time collaboration, allowing a team in London to instantly see what their counterparts in New York are creating. Bluescape requires exceptional uptime, and the ability to scale up new installations quickly and reliably. When the initial product’s backend tools proved to be fragile, Bluescape turned to SpinDance to develop the next generation of the cloud management tooling

The Solve


SpinDance's engineers introduced a DevOps philosophy and related tools to streamline the Bluescape product.

  • Instead of separate developer and operations groups. SpinDance helped bring the two groups together using methodologies like continuous integration and continuous delivery.
  • SpinDance also leveraged infrastructure automation tools like Chef and Ansible to streamline Bluescape's cloud management. Manual system provisioning and software management was replaced with repeatable, auditable automation
The Success


By moving to a DevOps-driven culture, Bluescape improved the quality of service for end users and increased the number of new features it could delivery to customers. Software-driven infrastructure also improved developer happiness by enabling easier testing cycles, leading to increased code quality and more reliable deployments. This one-two punch of better customer satisfaction and developer productivity is supporting Bluescape as the organization continues to enable worldwide collaboration in 2017, and beyond.