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Software Assessment

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It’s not easy to get started on your IoT Journey! As experts in IoT Integration with our proven approach, SpinDance will guide you, your team, and your product to a smooth and successful launch.


Every Journey Has a Beginning

And, you need to be properly equipped. A Software Assessment takes an inventory so we can analyze where you are, what you have, and what needs to be added or strengthened before you proceed.


A Software Assessment is for organizations wanting to evaluate their current software architecture to learn of the software needs to support their IoT product or service into the future. No matter what stage of the IoT Journey your organization is in, a Software Assessment is an invaluable tool to identify, clarify, & illuminate the path to a successful IoT Product launch.


We conduct the assessment to measure where your organization is and to fully understand the roadmap to your IoT destination. We leverage our understanding of business value propositions and our proven expertise in developing high-value software to collaborate with you and create realistic deliverables within achievable timelines.


Our review includes the following: Software architecture & implementation and use of best practices & standards. We'll outline the complexity of challenges/risks to create, add and support new products along with opportunities for cross-platform code.  We'll explain maintenance considerations and provide a testing suite.  We'll address any security concerns, provide you DevOps & existing documentation and any other items as needed. 


At the end of the assessment, we will provide you with a written report of all our findings. We will include a proposal for any requested or recommended improvements. Our professional presentation of those recommendations will be in a planned meeting with members of our team and your internal stakeholders. You will also receive a documented delivery approach.