SpinDance’s 7 Business Essentials for IoT is a fast-paced course covering a variety of business and technology topics. It is specifically designed to help business leaders, product managers, designers, engineers, and marketers gain an understanding of the IoT landscape.


What will you learn?


  • Introduction to IoT: Outlines what IoT is by explaining the 3 basic building blocks of every IoT product, the 3 archetypical IoT value propositions, and examining the future of IoT.
  • IoT Value & Monetization: Identifies the top challenges to adopting IoT, walks through a simple model of how IoT creates value for your organization and illustrates revenue models.
  • Holistic IoT Product Thinking: Explains the end-to-end perspective required to build world-class IoT products that your customers will love, including distributed systems, inter-usability, and basic security of IoT products.
  • Embedded Systems: Describes the critical components for IoT-centric embedded hardware and software.
  • IoT Connectivity & Networking: Walks through the types of wireless networks used in IoT, including tradeoffs.
  • The Cloud & IoT: Explains what the cloud is and how it is used in IoT products. Covers IoT-specific cloud components, business models, and data pipelines for managing Big Data.
  • Managing IoT Change: Outlines the crawl-walk-run maturity model to successfully adopt IoT across the organization.

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