The SpinDance team had a great opportunity, yet again, to attend this year’s International Home + Housewares Show located at Chicago’s incredible McCormick Place Convention Center. As the largest housewares-only event in the world, the event attracts thousands of manufacturers, retailers, product developers, designers, and technologists who gather each year to release their newest ideas and innovations in houseware products. SpinDance was excited to be a part of the event, meet up with current customers and stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the housewares industry.

Located in the Lakeside Building of McCormick Place, both the “Wired + Well” Expo Hall and the Smart Home Pavilion hosted companies from around the world showcasing their high-tech innovations for every room of the home.

Wired + Well Expo

In the Expo Hall, hundreds of companies – large and small – presented their newest products within the electronics and home healthcare space. This included everything from the classics like the KitchenAid Stand Mixer all the way to never-before-seen products like Gourmia’s new pressure cooker, which includes a built-in refrigeration system to keep your food chilled until you are ready to cook.


Smart Home Pavilion

Walking back through to the Smart Home Pavilion, which housed smart home innovations, we noticed some super innovative products and solutions like: a smart kitchen scale from Pepper that uses voice control to guide users through the cooking process; the team at Plott was utilizing augmented reality (AR) to assist in home improvement projects, and our favorite was the team at BEERMKR with an all-in-one craft beer brewing machine that makes more than a gallon of craft beer in just a week’s time while allowing you to monitor your beer’s progress via a phone app. Very cool stuff!

Overall we noticed a few common themes of the event.  The first theme is that most companies are starting to see a shift from traditional products to products + digital services and are focused on disrupting the norm and on the value of innovation. The other common theme we noticed for brands big and small, is the need for a clear, documented and communicated roadmap for their products. Without this roadmap, stakeholders run the risk of haphazardly developing solutions that, in most cases, provide little value for the end customer. A great roadmap will map out timing, features, benefits as well as costs associated with developing a truly innovative experience for the end user. If you would like some support by having us review your roadmap to validate and/or make suggestions, contact us at

We are looking forward to this next year of innovation in the housewares industry.

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