Need to get up to speed with IoT? Try SpinDance’s Bootcamp

April 4th, 2017 | Brian Tol | Uncategorized


SpinDance loves building software for the Internet of Things. We believe the IoT, along with machine learning, represents the future of technology for the next 50 years. Everyday we see exciting new IoT products coming into the market.

But for each “awesome” product, we see more than a few clunkers. In this regard, IoT is very similar to other technologies, including the web… remember

We’re very early in the evolution of IoT, which has a number of ramifications on the market:

  • IoT technology, standards, and best practices are still coming together.
  • Firms are experimenting with IoT business models, and startups are taking big risks on unproven markets.
  • Users are navigating the plethora of IoT-enabled devices available to them, and trying to figure out what adds value at home and at the office.

We see these three themes woven into every SpinDance project. Organizations are challenged to not only ship great technology, but to do so in a way that delights customers and grows the bottom line. It’s hard to build a great IoT product.

Compounding the problem is a lack of practical real-world knowledge available to organizations. You can find 1,000 articles on IoT on the internet, but most are click-bait drivel. And have you seen any good books on IoT development?…

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