Brian Tol

Brian Tol

VP, Engineering

Brian is Solutions Architect who’s also passionate about user experience: computer science is a means to an end, and he believes all the great software in the world can’t save a terrible customer experience. This focus on the end users has been honed over his sixteen years as a software developer, where he’s been able to wear many hats, including business development, marketing, information architecture, software architecture, and devops. Brian is equally comfortable with front-end development as he is with the back-end work, and loves working with designers, business strategists and kernel developers alike. Before coming to SpinDance, Brian was a CTO focused on web analytics and real-time advertising.

Brian is a graduate of Calvin College, where he eared his Bachelors in computer science. When not coding, Brian enjoys cooking, listening to old vinyl records, learning new board games, and spending time with his young family.

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