For the past several years SpinDance has had the pleasure of hosting the IChallengeUth program. The program is in collaboration with the Ottawa Area Intermediate School District. Middle schoolers participating in the program are given a real-world challenge that a business could face. Students use teamwork and multiple learning techniques to come up with a solution using mechanics and technology and then they make a recommendation to the company. The event was hosted in the “missile command” conference room at SpinDance in Holland, MI, July 31 – August 4, 2017.

Students present their ideas for a new SpinApp. Hmmm, just might have something there!

During the four-day event, students deliberated over the challenge given, had the support of a teacher and SpinDance Engineers to ask questions and seek out knowledge to help develop their solutions. Students spent the last day presenting their proposed solutions to the teacher and the SpinDance executive, engineering and support teams.

The students were from several different Middle Schools from around Ottawa County and each had an interest in being involved in a business and/or in technology.

“Overall, the IChallengeUth program has been a fantastic experience,” said a volunteer teacher. “Each year, it is so amazing to watch the students work together as a team to come up with a solution that is not only relevant, but well thought out and professional. It is great to see them learn more about STEM, and get exposed to careers in technology.”

At SpinDance we believe in the future of our youth and are committed to providing an encouraging environment for students interested in business and technology to grow and prosper in the industry.  It was a pleasure to host another successful IChallengeUth.  The enthusiasm of our youth is contagious.

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