The IoT Project Canvas

Jumpstart your IoT project with this free end-to-end toolkit.

For many organizations, creating a holistic IoT strategy is elusive. Most strategies are device-heavy, missing the critical details that take a product from prototype to production. The result? Only 15% of business decision-makers consider their company’s IoT projects to be successful*.

Increase the odds of your project’s success by downloading the free IoT Canvas toolkit from SpinDance. Modeled after the popular Lean Canvas, this concise framework gives you everything you need to craft an end-to-end strategy for your connected product.

The toolkit will help you develop a product roadmap, write a Request For Proposal, and identify the team members and partners you’ll need to get your product to market. It includes five business worksheets to capture everything from business plans and teams to estimated timelines. It also includes six technical worksheets focused on end-to-end architectures, device-specific details, analytics pipeline design, and more.

*There’s even a risk assessment worksheet that will help you identify potential trouble spots with your approach.

Sixty-one percent of companies believe that we have barely begun to scratch the surface of what IoT technologies can do for their businesses. Dive deeper with the free SpinDance IoT Canvas.

Download the SpinDance IoT Canvas

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What’s Included

IoT Worksheets

11 Worksheets

IoT Canvas Guide

18 Page Guide

The Canvas Worksheets

IoT Business Plan

Business Plan

Hub Enabled Product

Hub-Enabled Product

Cloud Enabled Product

Cloud Enabled Product

IoT Project Timeline

Product Timeline

IoT Team

End-to-End Team

IoT Analytics Pipeline

Analytics Pipeline

Cloud Architecture

Cloud Architecture

Devise Architecture

Devise Architecture

IoT Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

IoT Mobile to Devise Product

Devise-to-Mobile Product

Platform and Component Product

Platform & Component ROI

What Our Customers Say About SpinDance’s IoT Experience

“SpinDance has been a great partner for Whirlpool, jointly designing and developing our IoT platform since 2013. They bring a sense of speed and urgency to every project, and are continually focused on delivering quality software. From embedded systems through cloud, they are very knowledgeable in every aspect of IoT, and are skilled in every facet of software engineering, from R&D to architecture design, through developing, testing and hosting.”
– Joao Mendes – Global Information Systems Director – Internet of Things, Whirlpool

“SpinDance’s expertise and thought leadership was a key driver for our team to execute 10x faster than it had previously, and deliver a seamlessly integrated digital interface and embedded system.”
– Patrick Perrine, Founder/CEO