Customer Stories

Here are a few of the smart connected products we’ve been privileged to be a part of.


Services: Embedded, Cloud, Managed Services

internet of things solutions
washing machine software

Whirlpool is synonymous with quality, and is the number one major appliance manufacturer in the world. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a natural extension of Whirlpool’s passion for improving the lives of customers. Smart, connected appliances promise to save consumers both time and money, and delight them with new opportunities in mobile and voice interfaces.

Spectrum Brands

Services: Cloud, Mobile

keypad programming
software development

Spectrum Brands, through its Kwikiset and Weiser divisions, is an industry leader in smart home lock products. Spectrum Brands turned to SpinDance to help integrate Apple’s HomeKit IoT technology into the new Premis line of locks. Built into every new iPhone and iPad, HomeKit is a powerful home automation tool. Using it, a homeowner can easily control lights, thermostats, garage doors, and many other products, either from the comfort of their homes, or from remote locations worldwide.

MTH Electric Trains

Services: Mobile

software development
software design services
managed services

MTH Electric Trains designs and manufactures premium model trains and components. MTH Electric Trains’ Digital Command System (DCS) empowers hobbyists to control their layouts using a wireless handheld controller. MTH selected SpinDance to develop custom mobile iOS and Android applications that would replicate and extend the functionality of the handheld remote. SpinDance engineers worked closely with MTH staff to craft a user experience hobbyists would love. Together, MTH and SpinDance defined an entirely new method of interacting with trains that wasn’t possible using the original remote.


Services: DevOps & Managed Services

managed services
software development
dev ops

Bluescape is an innovative software collaboration tool that enables teams in multiple locales to seamlessly work together in real time. The cloud-powered system scales from handheld devices and desktops, all the way up to entire touch-screen walls. The heart of the Bluescape product is its cloud backbone. Bluescape requires exceptional uptime, and the ability to scale up new installations quickly and reliably. When the initial product’s backend tools proved to be fragile, Bluescape turned to SpinDance to develop the next generation of the cloud management tooling.


Services: Embedded, Cloud, Mobile, Managed Services

custom software
custom software development
software design

Dogtelligent was a high-tech startup focused on connecting dog lovers with their favorite pets. SpinDance engineered and built an innovative end-to-end connected collar for Dogtelligent. The collar included cellular and Bluetooth connectivity, along with a number of sensors and feedback mechanisms. The smart collar connected to software running in the cloud, and, using a custom mobile app, afforded owners a new level of communication with their pets.

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