SpinDance: Proudly Made in Michigan

SpinDance sits at the intersection of the Midwest’s high-tech corridor, where manufacturing meets software head on. We aren’t flashy. We just get stuff done.

West Michigan: Always Building

When the State of Michigan declined to build a channel to connect Lake Macatawa to Lake Michigan, Holland didn’t bat an eye. 200 men picked up their shovels and axes and dug the channel anyway. By hand.

That ethos lives on today. We love our lakes, we love our snow, we love to work hard, and we love to make stuff. We’ve been doing that for over 150 years, and we’re good at it.

Today, West Michigan is an epicenter of industrial design and high-tech manufacturing, and is home to some of the best mechanical, software and electrical engineers in the world. And it’s all tied together with a get-stuff-done attitude.

SpinDance IoT

SpinDance: Always Innovating

Founded in 2000 by Mike Ellis and Karl Schripsema, SpinDance’s first projects included the R&D for new automotive infotainment platforms. That passion for physical computing evolved into the end-to-end IoT approach we use today.

Today we work on everything from smart home appliances to smart connected toy trains to BLE integrations.


Why are we called “SpinDance?”

We get it: High-tech engineering and managed services aren’t the first things that pop in your head when you hear “SpinDance”. The reality is that custom software feels like a choreographed dance between people and components. And like dance, software requires discipline, practice, creativity and a commitment to work as a team. For over 16 years, our name has attracted the types of engineers who grok this: hard working, creative types who are fun to be around.

We’re happy to say we succeeded, and we’d love to talk to you about bringing that success to your project.

Have a product or an idea for a Smart Product?
How does a free coffee sound?

Our engineers love to talk about IoT, so we’ll make you a deal: we’ll line up some time for you to talk to them, and we’ll give you a free coffee for your time. We’ll buy or send you a starbucks gift card. No bull, just 30 minutes of our time to help you on your IoT journey.