IoT Boot Camp

July 3, 2021

The Internet of Things sector will represent more $15 trillion in spend by 2023. Where is your organization positioned in the explosion of opportunities? Do you understand the players? The technology? Do you have an IoT champion? A team with clear vision?

Your IoT Game Plan Starts Here with Fundamentals of IoT – Basic Training

SpinDance’s IoT Boot Camp is a fast-paced course that covers a variety of business and technology topics and is designed to help business leaders, product managers, designers, engineers, and marketers get up to speed with the IoT landscape.


The benefits of this training include:

  • Quickly get up to speed with the opportunities and risks associated with IoT.
  • Understand the various layers, roles, and processes of a mature IoT solution.
  • Build a shared knowledge to accelerate decisions and improve collaboration across your entire team.
  • CEU Credits
What Will You Learn?
  1. Introduction to IoT: Introduces the Internet of Things; Walks through the 3 basic building blocks of every IoT product; Outlines the 3 archetypical IoT value propositions; Explores the future of IoT.
  2. IoT Value: Identifies the top challenges to adopting IoT, then walks through a simple model for identifying how IoT can create value for customers.
  3. Creating a Great IoT Product: Explains the end-to-end perspective required to build world-class IoT products, including distributed systems and inter usability.
  4.  IoT Security Basics: Explains the basics of securing IoT products.
  5. Embedded IoT Basics: Describes the critical components for IoT-centric embedded hardware and software.
  6. IoT Connectivity: Walks through the types of wireless networks used in IoT, including tradeoffs.
  7. The Cloud and IoT: Explains what the cloud is, and how it is used in IoT products. Covers IoT-specific cloud components, and data pipelines for managing Big Data.
  8. Managing IoT Change: Outlines a maturity model for adopting IoT across the organization.
  9. Further IoT Resources: Further reading and next steps for moving forward with IoT.
Virtual Sessions:

IoT Boot Camp Custom for Your Company

Have a larger team that could benefit from this training?  No problem.  This session can be customized and conducted at your site or virtually with your team.  Contact us for more details.

What Attendees Said

“Really a great presentation on both honing the definition of IoT a bit and creating some high-level awareness of the steps and growing pains involved. Really helped me develop ideas of what this could look like if we decide to go further.”

“I was pleasantly surprised with how informative it was. Too often you get that sort of intro seminar and it feels like a snake oil sales pitch. The presenter kept it real and had a great breakdown for IoT that was neither boring nor too far over my head.”

“A great job presenting. It was truly the correct level class for me – very explanative of IoT fundamentals.”

Why SpinDance?

SpinDance’s strategic “idea to operations” approach throughout the IoT journey includes IoT training, technology and product strategy, development, and 24/7/365 management.

We approach IoT projects holistically, meeting customers at any stage of their IoT development cycle—from ideation through launch through operational excellence and growth—based on their unique requirements.

Our proven, time-tested methodology that includes innovation, system design, development and integration expertise across all IoT technical domains – essential to launch and long-term success. As such, we go beyond technology expertise, providing a consultative approach with its team of experts that covers ideation, product, technology, user experience, and operational challenges and opportunities.

“SpinDance has collaborated with Whirlpool Corporation, jointly designing and developing our IoT platform since 2013. They bring a sense of speed and urgency to every project, and are continually focused on delivering quality software. From embedded systems through cloud, they are very knowledgeable in every aspect of IoT, and are skilled in every facet of software engineering, from R&D to architecture design, through developing, testing and hosting.” — Whirlpool Corporation