Thoughts on CES 2017: Wireless Power, Real-time Vision, and More

February 10th, 2017 | Brian Tol | Opinion

Late in January, some SpinDance engineers sat down to discuss the products and technologies that were announced at this year’s Consumer Electronic Show, also known as CES. Every year, there are literally thousands of products demoed and/or announced at CES, many of which never make it to market.

We’ve found the best way to process CES is by first looking at the overall trends, and then discerning the real value of the newly-announced products. Below is an edited transcript of the first part of our conversation. We’ll post the second half later in March.

The engineers around the table included Sean Hamstra, Karl Jager, Chris Samuelson, Brian Tol, and Ty Zoerner.

Real-time Vision & Molecular Scanning

Brian: I was really intrigued by some of the vision products announced at CES. There are some companies doing some really cool things, like the Aipoly AI product, and Consumer Physics’ molecular scanner. It’s basically a tricorder that identifies the chemical composition of things.

Karl: I agree. I see the application for that technology a lot more than some of the other products I’ve looked at.

Ty: Yeah, The AI product was neat. Imagine being a blind person, and you’re at the store. You point your phone at the shelving, and it tells you “here’s Pepsi”, or “here’s Coke,” etc. Really helpful.

Sean: And I was surprised how quickly it could identify things….

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