OpenStack Horizon

May 5th, 2016 | SpinDance | Hosting,Systems


There are times where you just don’t remember all of the command line arguments you need in order to interact with a particular OpenStack service.  You find your self throwing the keyboard and just saying give me the GUI.   Well Horizon is here to help you.  Horizon is built using the Python Django framework and it allows you to create machines, networks, manage users and many more things.  You may find there are some features that you are not able to perform via the GUI, but for the most part the Horizon project is up to date with the CLI.  Different vendors will customize the Horizon GUI and make it there own, by adding branding and changing colors.



Over the last couple of weeks we have given you an introduction to the world of OpenStack.  We have attempted to touch on the main parts, but like any product of this size there is a lot more to cover.  We will attempt to provide tidbits on OpenStack as we continue our journey.  Make sure to check back on this blog for future OpenStack updates….

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