Zenoss API: Creating Portable Monitoring Dashboards

March 23rd, 2016 | Michael Mosher | Hosting,Systems

The SpinDance hosting team manages numerous applications across dozens of servers. An invaluable tool for us is our monitoring dashboards: large TVs mounted on the walls that display important server and application information for everyone to see. These help us notice unhealthy trends emerging before Zenoss alerts us of any specific issue. Here’s an example of one server from one of our dashboards. We can see that CPU is running a bit hot, but load average and memory use are looking good.

Creating Portable Monitoring Dashboards

The data for these servers comes from Zenoss, but it is currently being accessed in a really ugly way: a PHP web page makes an AJAX call to a different PHP page that executes a Python script to read data from the RRD files where Zenoss stores it. Not only is this a difficult to maintain mess, but it forces the websites to be hosted on the Zenoss server, which is not very ideal. Also, no one on the team wants to maintain PHP things because PHP is gross. Yuck!

All of these problems can be solved by pulling the data from Zenoss’ API instead. My goal is to make a new dashboard to monitor server metrics that can be hosted anywhere, that’s easy to maintain, and that doesn’t use PHP. How to display the data is a non-trivial consideration, but a bit out of scope of this blog–I intend to focus more on acquiring the data than on presenting it….

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SpinDance Growing Program Management and Systems Administration Staff

March 10th, 2016 | SpinDance | News

MICHIGAN, March 10, 2015 – SpinDance, Inc., of Holland, recently hired Lindsey Lopez as Program Manager and Ryan Lewkowicz as Systems Administrator as it continues growing its team and overall capabilities.

Lopez previously served as Product Owner at LeanLogistics, Inc. Her background in supply chain management has allowed her to lead project teams, and manage multiple projects of various complexity and size.

During her time at LeanLogistics, Lopez took on roles of increasing responsibilities such as Logistics Coordinator, Strategic Support Specialist, and most recently Product Owner. Each role demanded an increased focus towards customer support and satisfaction.

Lopez holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Central Michigan University, and is a certified Scrum Product Owner for Agile Methodology.

In her new role at SpinDance, Lopez will effectively manage all aspects of each customers’ project. She will be responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction, while delivering innovative solutions. Her overall customer-centric background and focus will be valuable to the continual growth and success of SpinDance.

Lewkowicz most recently served as Systems Administrator and Operations Engineer at Liquidweb Inc. Lewkowicz supported multiple web applications and systems configurations to assist customers in achieving core business objectives. Additionally, Lewkowicz focused on building hardware and infrastructure ranging in complexities from the very basic, to enterprise level solutions.

Lewkowicz has earned Red Hat CSA certification,…

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SpinDance Growing its Engineering Team

March 3rd, 2016 | SpinDance | News

MICHIGAN, March 4, 2015 – SpinDance, Inc., of Holland, has expanded its team over the past few months with the hiring of several systems and software engineers to meet the growing demand for its consulting services.

In November of 2015, SpinDance hired Brendan Rabb as Lead Systems Engineer. Prior to joining SpinDance, Rabb served as a Senior Systems Engineer for Visteon (formerly Johnson Controls). Rabb will help expand SpinDance’s growing capabilities for designing and engineering solutions for its Internet of Things (IoT) customers, and will be based out of the Grand Rapids office. Rabb has a Bachelor of Arts from Aquinas College and a Master of Arts from Marquette University.

Also in November of 2015, SpinDance hired Zack Sharkey as a Junior Software Engineer on the web development team. Sharkey will be focused on serving one of SpinDance’s largest customers with web development for their industry-leading mortgage servicing software. Sharkey spent time as a software developer at Sales Pad, Solid Circle, and Mophie. Sharkey earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Western Michigan University.

Thomas Peterson joined the SpinDance mobile development team as a Software Engineer in December of 2015. Brought onboard primarily to expand the mobile team, Peterson will also be engaging in cloud software development for key IoT customers. Before coming to SpinDance, Peterson served GeLo as a software developer….

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