Building the SMART Product Future

August 28th, 2014 | SpinDance | News

Source: Rapid Growth Media

Written by Steven Thomas Kent

The street-level entrance to Spindance at South River and 10th doesn’t betray much. A modest white foyer table and a big painting of an Inception-style silver spinning top (a skeletal red sketch of which serves as the company’s logo) adorn nondescript taupe tile that could signal a bank lobby, a real estate office or any other average local business.

But up the stairs and behind the grey door at the rear of the lobby, there’s a bustle of high-tech activity on the second floor: Dozens of employees bash at keyboards and consult together over bright screens amidst a maze of desks, while flat-panel TVs overhead tick off news, weather, project updates and various cryptic-looking metrics.

The conference room overlooking the street bears the name “Missile Command,” which seems about right. Compared to many West Michigan tech startups, where bean bag chairs and dorm-room lighting abound, the inside of Spindance looks like a mini-Pentagon.

A humble exterior masking heady, cutting-edge work has been a bit of a Spindance hallmark up until now. The Lakeshore software company’s website, laced with terms like “real-time embedded systems,” doesn’t offer many clues to the average layperson as to the kind of work they do. At least, not until a re-design launches this week. The company hasn’t put a great deal of resources into outbound marketing,…

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